A Unifying Voice


As the saying goes, “United we Stand.”  These ads and messages are designed to keep us all on the same page as we move forward. The more consistent we are, the more successful we’ll be. Because of the very short window of time we have to effect change, we need to be flexible and fluid. These are the recommended guidelines for placing the social media ads on your personal blogs.

  1. Use the ad reminding America that Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by a record 2,000,000+ votes.

    2,000,000 may soon rise to 3,000,000 with the certification of the California and Michigan votes. This would mean she won the 2nd largest popular vote of all time after Barack Obama! So be proud, add a personal note – anything from the heart. If you can’t think of something, it is a good idea to debunk the idea that Democrats lost seats in the house & Senate. Hillary’s candidacy increased seats in both the House & Senate.

  2. Use the ads that tell Trump that the majority needs to be recognized. 

    Again, feel free to add your personal comments. There is no shortage of people he has offended. Let him know why you care.

  3. Focus throughout early December on the letter and ad to the Electoral College.

    The framers of the Constitution specifically created the Electoral College to exercise its judgement in the face of shady politics so the public would not be tricked by a charismatic tyrant who would say anything to gain power. It is our obligation to embolden these Electors to do as the founding fathers expected, not to rubber-stamp an election result based on lies and secret dealings. CLICK HERE for more.

If you are organizing a peaceful protest, we can provide you with graphics for signs and invitations, but remember, grassroots protests have much more power than those that start to look professional. We can help you look organized but we don’t need some blowhard tweeting that your right to peaceful assembly is less valid because you are supposedly being paid to be there. Let’s let the Koch brothers pay whomever they like. That’s not who we are.