Electoral College Program

Help us reach out to the Electoral College Electors!

The framers of our Constitution thought about just about everything. They even discussed the possibility of a charismatic “tyrant” who might manipulate the American electorate with lies, like proclaiming as fact that a fellow candidate is guilty of Federal crimes in order to seize power. Or that a candidate’s leadership team might be involved in secret dealings, like obtaining intercepted messages from a hostile government. The Electoral College was created to protect our interests if someone as clever as Mr. Trump were to bend the rules to win the election.

As it happens, It looks as though Secretary Clinton will win the popular vote by about 3 million votes. Currently she is ahead by over 2 million before the state of California’s vote has been ratified. The Electoral College has an obligation to right the wrongs of a problematic campaign. That’s their actual function.  So we’ve drafted an open letter we hope you’ll share with everyone in hopes that we will reach the Electors in time.

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