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we-the-us-majority-american-flagWelcome to We the US Majority. We’re glad you’re here.

We’re sorry if you are one of the 70 million American voters who voted against Trump and for something that resembled American democracy and transparency. This site and the proposed ads have been created by an internationally acclaimed American ad agency. The work has been done free of charge in an effort to restore democratic rule of law and to present facts to the American public. We’ve been served up a tangled ball of lies, bluster and spin as facts and it is time to set the record straight.

As of 11/25/16, these are the election facts as we know them:

  1. Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by more than 2 million votes.
  2. More than 2 million Democratic votes still remain uncounted.
  3. Hillary won 64,223,958 to to Trump’s 62,200,000.
  4. The Russians provided stolen data to the Trump Campaign.
  5. The FBI intervened for 10 days prior to the election despite recommendations not to do so.
  6. Donald Trump and his team lied about the FBI’s findings for 9 days prior to the vote.
  7. There is evidence of Russian manipulation of news prior to the election.
  8. There is evidence of Russian manipulation of the actual election results in key states.
  9. Jill Stein is funding a recount and investigation into these charges.
  10. Hillary Clinton won the 3rd largest popular vote in US history.
  11. Her popular lead could easily become the second largest when the California vote is certified.
  12. Only 0ne other candidate for president has ever earned a larger popular vote: Barack Obama.
  13. 54% of American Voters did not vote for Donald Trump.
  14. The Electoral College will vote on December 19, 2016 under highly unusual circumstances.
  15. The Electoral College has never voted for a president with a Popular Vote loss so large.
  16. If Donald Trump wins the Electoral Vote, he will preside with the largest popular loss in history.
  17. If Donald Trump becomes president, he has no mandate.

These are leadership issues we need to watch and challenge:

  1. Trump has never held any elected office and has no experience.
  2. He has offended Latin-Americans.
  3. He has offended the LGBTQ community.
  4. He has offended Muslim-Americans.
  5. He has offended African-Americans.
  6. He has offended women.
  7. He lacks the experience, temperament and credibility to unify and govern this Nation.
  8. We have never seen his tax returns and have no basis for understanding his conflicts of interest.
  9. He promised the best and brightest but is building a team that looks more like “The Replacements.”
  10. He manipulates and threatens the media.
  11. He has promised to drain the swamp but is building a moat.
  12. He is under the impression that he can rewrite his job description. (Take the job or hit the road!)
  13. He has made so many outrageous promises, we have no idea what what he will actually do.
  14. He has no filter.
  15. He wants to roll back rights of women and minorities.
  16. There is a difference between political correctness and racism which eludes him.
  17. There is a difference between political correctness and leadership which eludes him.
  18. There is a difference between political correctness and legal compliance.
  19. There is a difference between business and fraud which eludes him.
  20. There is a difference between truth and lies which eludes him – and his staff.
  21. He creates clouds of chaos to divert attention from worse issues, making it almost impossible to pin him down or  make him accountable. He is a master of broadcast & electronic media so we need to pin him down with print. That is the primary reason for this organization.

This is who we are:

If it seems like this site was put together quickly, you are astute. We’ve been trying to beat the clock to comment on key issues in a big way with a limited window of time. Our site is a vessel. We’re focusing on the messaging. Our structure is loose and inclusive. As soon as we have commitments for media dollars, we will register as a PAC. The papers are ready to go. No money will go for administration. This is all volunteer. And our media planners get us the best value and charge us nothing. We’re all in! We’ll continue to focus on making ads that address key issues as quickly as possible.

The one caveat that is not permitted is infighting and finger-pointing. We need unity. Hillary Clinton took more public abuse than any American presidential candidate. And she will end up with the 2nd largest popular vote in the history of the country. Whether she was your preferred candidate or not she deserves our respect and gratitude. There is a special place in our hearts for Bernie and ALL of the people who have supported our goals for the last year. Whether you are a Democrat, Libertarian, Green Party, Republican  or McMullin supporter, there is a home for you here if you support democratic principles and professional governance.

Thank you for your interest and participation,


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